An Old Dog for the Obamas?

The last thing the new First Family needs is more advice on what kind of dog they should get. But since I’m on the subject of old pets today, I’ll make my plea for them to adopt not a puppy, but an old dog.

Among its “Top Ten Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog,” the Senior Dogs Project  includes such advantages as “What you see is what you get: Unlike puppies, older dogs have grown into their shape and personality.” This would be important for the Obamas, who need a dog with certain attributes–one who’s calm, good with kids, and won’t bite journalists, as Bush’s Scottish terrier Barney was known to do.

Honey, age 10

Honey, age 10

Should they decide to adopt a senior dog in the D.C. area, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Arlington is one of several local shelters that has a selection of aging beauties like this one.

This is the first in a weekly feature that will include portraits of old dogs (starting with mine, of course), as well as advice on caring for old dogs, opportunities to adopt old dogs, and anything else that fits the subject. Readers who want to contribute are welcome to email me.

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4 responses to “An Old Dog for the Obamas?

  1. SWEET. Old dogs rock.

  2. an older dog would be great to adopt – i really hope they do. But, adopting from a shelter is tough, people really do need know what to look for when they go into a shelter, i googled a few tips, and got these:

  3. We have adopted only ‘senior’ dogs and I think finding a rescue organization or shelter through WARL or Petfinder could narrow the search. So much can be predetermined by adopting from an organization that fosters the dogs while trying to match them with new homes. You get a baseline medical and the dogs personalities are more closely assessed.

  4. Honey looks very sweet! We have an old man living with us and it’s a very bittersweet time. I want to make these days as fun and special as I can. I think his joy is all that matters and I want his everyday to be a good one. It’s breaking my heart… but I may choose more mature dogs in the future, it’s so easy to please them.

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