Irish Pensioner Eggs Banking Boss

The recipient of Unsilent Generation’s Radical Geezer of the Week Award is Gary Keogh, who  Broken_egg_orangesmuggled eggs into a shareholders’ meeting of the Allied Irish Bank and lobbed them at its chairman, Dermot Gleeson. Unfortunately he seems to have missed. His faulty aim, however, does nothing to detract from Keogh’s qualifications to be a Radical Geezer of the Week, which consist of being mad as hell and not taking it any more. As the TimesOnline reports:

Keogh, a pensioner and a shareholder in AIB, was removed from the building after throwing the eggs at Mr Gleeson at the end of his address to the meeting.

Mr Keogh, 66, from the Blackrock area of South Dublin, told the board: “For the past number of years we have been told to put our money into the banks–now we have no pensions. I have no pension. My pension now is wiped out because of AIB. I cannot sell the shares because they are useless.

He added: “The whole board should be replaced by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.”

Mr Keogh then became more angry and said: “If we didn’t live in a tolerant society, the chairman and the rest of the board would be hanging by their necks with piano wire out on the road.”

Keogh’s feat was captured by the BBC–watch the video here. Asked by a reporter why he threw the eggs, Keogh replies, “Because I can’t throw my shoes.”

Photo: Luca Volpi, Wikimedia Commons

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