Old Dogs 1: Jenny


I’ve always intended that Unsilent Generation would include in its subject matter old animals as well as old people. And one of the posts that’s gotten the most all-time hits is “An Old Dog for the Obamas,” in which I urged the First Family to get a mature canine for the White House, rather than a puppy. It didn’t happen, of course, but it showed me how many people out there love their old dogs, and old dogs in general.

That includes me. My dog, Jenny, is a 14-year-old tricolor Border collie. When she was young she ran like the wind, mile after mile, always in front and to the side where she could lead and watch over her people. That was her job and she never quit. She is deaf now and relies on hand signals, has to hop skip up stairs because the muscles in her back legs are gone. Sometimes she’ll fall, but she gets right up and continues on as if nothing happened. She has been the best companion anyone could ever want.



 There are older Border collies up for adoption at Glen Highland Farm Border Collie Rescue–scroll down to “Six Years and Up.” They do great rescue work with dogs of all ages, and also run “Camp Border Collie” for inner city kids–and they can always use donations.

2 responses to “Old Dogs 1: Jenny

  1. Beautiful dog! We had a tricolor Border Collie as well and we loved him dearly. Yes, he was the best companion anyone could ask for! Here he is:

  2. He was a beauty, with those soulful eyes like Jenny’s. Thanks for sending the pic.

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