Old Dogs 2: Indy


imageIndy is a 15-year-old Brooklyn mutt who can be sweet, canny, or fierce, depending upon what the situation demands. She belongs to Leonora Wiener, and lives across the street from Prospect Park, where dogs rule every day from 9 pm to 9 am.

Unlike a lot of city dogs, Indy is never alone, because she also has a second home,  where she hangs out with Isaac and Raina Doughty. A couple of years ago, when she was eleven, Raina wrote a poem about Indy that won first place in a contest sponsored by the New York Humane Society. It captures how zealously Indy defends both her homes.

Indy, hey, Indy, its 4:00
the mailman’s coming down the block

crouch, dash, jump
you land on the purple chair
and every single hair
is standing on your back
you are now ready to attack
the mailbox opens, the mailbox creaks
your jaws open, you try to speak

you say,this  is my house, my place,
I’m as vicious as a shark

but all that comes out is bark, bark, bark!

One response to “Old Dogs 2: Indy

  1. Indy’s sweet quiet presence
    fierce brooklyn attitude
    sideways glances
    go get garbage gumption
    gentle taker of the biscuit offering
    knowing smile
    happy hiker
    she’s taken up a permanent residence in my heart
    Indy, you old dog,
    you rock.

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