Health Care Bait and Switch Video

After seeing my post on health care co-ops over at Mother Jones this morning–along with information on the reams of cash Senator Max Baucus is receiving from health care companies–video blogger Lee Stranahan was inspired to produce a video on the subject.

In his videos on health care reform, Stranahan says he is “a guy with a preganant wife, a pre-existing condition, and no insurance, and I’m taking on the health care industry.” He’s also a writer, photographer, and independent filmmaker who blogs for The Huffington Post. You can subscribe to receive his videos here, and support his work here.

One response to “Health Care Bait and Switch Video

  1. Campaign Finance Reform, anyone? As it stands, I subscribe to Mickey Z, who observed; “The next time someone tells you the US has a two Party system, demand a recount!”

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