Big Pharma CEO Salaries

One aspect of the health care reform battle that gets little attention is the cushy environment of the drug company executive. Fiercepharma blog, which tracks the industry not long ago ran a listing of all the dough these CEOs make–an annual listing of the mega bucks pulled down by the people. In considering the proposed reforms you might want to keep these names and figures in mind. Figures are for 2008.

  1. Bill Weldon – Johnson & Johnson – $29.4M

2. Miles White – Abbott Laboratories – $28.3M

3. Bernard Poussot – Wyeth – $25M

4. Jim Cornelius – Bristol-Myers Squibb – $25M

5. Richard Clark – Merck – $19.9M

6. Robert Parkinson – Baxter International – $16M

7. David Vasella – Novartis – $15.1M 

8. Jeffrey Kindler – Pfizer – $14.8M

9. Frank Baldino – Cephalon – $14.5M

10. John Lechleiter – Eli Lilly – $13M

11. Fred Hassan – Schering-Plough $12.9M

12. Robert  Coury – Mylan $12.5M

13. Werner Wenning – Bayer – $4.8M

14. David Brennan – AstraZeneca – $4.7M

15. Severin Schwan – Roche – $4.5M

Honorable mentions

Gerard Le Fur – Sanofi-Aventis – $3.3M

Andrew Witty – GlaxoSmithKline – $2.7M

Want to know how to finance health care reform? Here’s one place to start.

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