The French Do It Better for Half the Cost: Part 2

Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s post on the superiority of the French health care system, and what we might learn from it. Unfortunately, these are lessons that our policymakers in Washington seem determined to ignore.

This chart was published in the Washington Post last month along with Ezra Klein’s commentary on the French system.  Klein, too, wonders why we’ve “worked extremely hard in this debate” to ignore the success of other countries’ health systems. He writes:

People sometimes ask what the lessons of other country’s health-care systems are. The lessons are twofold. First, they’re better. Second, we’re stubborn.

I think there’s a third lesson, as well: As much as these countries may have market-driven economies and powerful corporations, when it comes to health care, they’ve actually placed the lives of their citizens ahead of corporate interests. That’s something we haven’t yet done in the United States–and nothing will really change until we do.

Source: Washington Post

Source: Washington Post

Note: The Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel (which alerted me to this graphic), has also assembled a great series of video clips, from PBS and other sources, about health care systems in various other countries–any of which would save us hundreds of billions each year.

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