Join Sarah Palin: Stamp Out Socialism

What with Sarah Palin out and about, it’s time for all Americans to think more seriously about her message, especially when it comes to the socialist menace. Palin began using the S word to refer to Obama back during the campaign, and in June she sadly told Sean Hannity that socialism is “where we are headed” under the new administration.

But the Palin’s warnings may have come too late, since the nation had meandered far down the pink path long before she raised the alarm. Socialism has already wormed its way into the national fabric, hastening its rot. In Maine, home of the simple, taciturn, penny pinching, shrewd yankee of yore, Sam Smith, a veteran blogger with an independent streak, has pulled together a chilling list of socialistic enterprises you may unwittingly be helping to support. If we’re really going to deep six socialism, here’s how Sam thinks we should start:

– Return to the old system of fire fighting in which blazes were handled by private fire brigades hired by private insurance companies. Brooke Harrington described the practice in Economic Sociology: “If you wanted a fire brigade to come to your aid in . . . emergencies, you had to join a kind of club with private membership fees. It worked like this: you ponied up the fees, the club gave you a plaque to put over your front door, and then if fire swept through the neighborhood, the club dispatched help, but they only assisted paying members. So if you didn’t have that plaque over your door, the fire rescue teams would pass you right on by. It would not be uncommon to find that your house burned down while the one next door would be saved.” Sounds a little like our health insurance system.

– End public education. Public schools – which strongly aided the growth of America – are about as socialistic as you can get. Obama, it should be noted, is trying to help reduce this deleterious influence by converting public schools into profit-making charter operations.

– Close down all federal highways or sell them off to the highest bidder so they can turn them into profit-making roads using tolls.

– Abolish Social Security, Medicare, food stamps and all other such welfare programs.

– End all government interference with the banking and financial industries. This would have recently saved us hundred of billions in bailout funds.

– End all veterans programs including closing veterans’ hospitals.

– Sell off all public transportation to unregulated private interests.

– Close all public hospitals, end public subsidies to other hospitals and privatize all ambulance service.

– End all government regulation of food or health products.

– End the practice of government plowing streets after a snow storm. As Boston mayor James Curly put it, “The Lord brought it; let the Lord take it away.”

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