Tea Party Attacks AARP

Some members of the Dick ArmeyTea Party faction have been twisting their guns around and decided to knock off AARP for what they see as its unprincipled positions on health care reform.

 The announcement in full that appeared today on the Tea Well blog:

 The Tea Party Movement is initiating a nation-wide AARP Card Burning, on the first day of winter, December 21, 2009. This is in response to AARP’s duplicitous stance in support of Congress’ attempted thievery of ample health care away from the American people. This response is being called for due to the fact that Congress has turned a deaf ear to the will of the American people, one of the most vulnerable groups of our society, our American Seniors.


AARP’s quid pro quo, and subsequent complicity in the advancement of legislation that will ultimately limit the availability of appropriate health care to their membership, America’s seniors, is beyond reproach. Not only will this Health Care legislation make medical care a commodity, but it will create a repressive tax burden upon already cash strapped seniors in addition to all other segments of the nation’s population.

To add insult to injury, both houses of Congress as well as the present White House Administration continues to arrogantly ignore those who write their paychecks, the taxpaying citizens of the U.S.

Therefore, it is necessary for the grassroots Tea Party Movement to call upon American’s of all ages to gather together in visible defiance of Congress’s henchman, the AARP. With the strength of numbers, we must delineate our opposition to obvious, deceitful greed of the AARP that assaults the country’s wellness of being.

We must send a concrete message, not only to the AARP leadership, but also to Congress and the administration by taking to the streets and burning our AARP cards. We must then cancel our AARP memberships in numbers that will not and cannot be ignored any longer. We must demonstrate to the powers that be, that we will not tolerate this legislative abomination, which will plunge the entire country into a severe “Winter” of medical depravation.

Unless we act in solidarity, the AARP will assist Congress in bringing about scarcity in cutting edge technologies and medicines. Unless we act definitively we will see a lack of availability to timely and appropriate medical attention, delivered by competent medical staff, which will heartlessly strand frail infants, seniors and infirmed in the desolate cold of a medical winter.

On December 21, 2009, ….join your local Tea Partiers and Seniors in the 1st Tea Party Winter Fest for Health Care Freedom & AARP Card Burning. Don’t forget your lighters, AARP cards and any other AARP printed material/mailings; home made cards a/or signs…you could even dress up like Santa, or his elves, Scrooge, Tiny Tim, whatever your favorite Christmas character…don’t forget your cameras & video recorders! If YOU don’t send this message NOW, the die will be cast!

3 responses to “Tea Party Attacks AARP

  1. Of course these are the same people screaming in the faces of their Congressional leaders “keep government out of my Medicare”.

    It will never cease to amaze me how Republicans continue to dupe the American people into fighting against their own self-interests in the quest to demonize someone, anyone…gays, immigrants and now AARP. Shameful.

    Especially when you consider that without healthcare reform, Medicare will be unsustainable and these seniors will get their wish… Government will be forced out of Medicare (because we can’t afford a health care sytem with unsustainable costs). Then all seniors (even those who know better) will be without health insurance coverage just like the rest of the nation.

    Remember Starve the Beast?

  2. AARP cards are plastic, not paper. So they won’t really burn, but they will melt and make a big stink. Sort of what happened to the Wicked Witch of the West at the end of Wizard of Oz.

  3. Courage would require that they burn their Medicare Cards and renounce that socialism rather than a meaningless protest against a non-governmental organization.

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