Pfizer: Enemy of the People

Last summer and fall the drugsters were falling all over each other, backslapping about what a wonderful bunch of guys work at Big Pharma. By promising to pony up billions to help Obama put his health reform together, they were being so, you know,  all for the community.

They failed to mention reports of how big Pfizer was happily raking in tons of cash while it was raising prices. And now, USA Today says that contrary to publc opinion, Pfizer was working against the legislation, not for it. Read this:

Drugmaker Pfizer‘s political action committee gave less last year, but the analysis shows that nearly 60% of the money it donated to members of Congress during the first 11 months of 2009 went to lawmakers who voted against the health care bills. 

Florida Rep. Allen Boyd, a fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrat who opposed the House health care bill, received more money from Pfizer’s PAC last year than any other lawmaker. The Blue Dog Coalition was a key voting bloc in last year’s health care debate and helped force limits on a government-run insurance option to which many heath industry groups objected.Boyd spokesman Christopher Cashman said the congressman receives “broad and diverse” financial support and “bases his vote on how the policy will impact the people of North Florida and our country as a whole.”

Pfizer spokeswoman Kristen Neese told USA Today the company “is a longtime supporter of health care reform” and PAC contributions should “not be viewed as representative of one issue.”

Yeh. Right

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