Tracking the Ash

With news this morning from Britain’s National Air Traffic Service  that “the volcano eruption in Iceland has strengthened and a new ash cloud is spreading south and east towards the UK,”  the  ash saga seems about ready to take yet another new turn.

There’s also possible threats to the North American mainland.Readers following the volcanic ash saga,may want to turn their attention to weather forecasts which suggest a change in wind patterns may push the ash clouds over Newfoundland and onto mainland Canada.It’s unclear whether the ash will ever work its way down the east coast into the US. Here is a snippet from a BBC weather report this morning:

A new high-pressure system will form in the Atlantic by the weekend.”The wind should change to the opposite direction: it could start to disperse some of the stuff that has been blown over from Iceland,” Mr Taylor said.”As we move from Friday into the weekend, we will start to see south and south-westerly winds. Even if there is any fresh eruption, the ash should not be blown over the UK.”The weather pattern should continue to blow the ash cloud away into next week, Mr Taylor said.But a respite for the UK and Europe means bad news elsewhere. “It means that ash will circulate over north-east Canada and the North Atlantic,” Mr Taylor added.However ash will continue to fall on Europe. “It is up there in the atmosphere, and factors like gravitational pull and rainfall will bring it back down.”

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