Simpson to Geezers: Bugger Off

On Tuesday President Obama formally launched a new commission that is supposed to bring down the national debt, in large part by investigating how entitlement programs, including Social Security and Medicare, can be cut back.

Obama told reporters at the White House he wouldn’t discuss the options at for bringing down the debt at this point. “We’re not playing that game,’’ Obama said. “I’m not going to say what’s in. I’m not going to say what’s out. I want this commission to be free to do its work.”

 The new commission, which is to file a nonbinding report by Christmas, has two co-chairs. Erskine Bowles, a former investment banker and Clinton chief of staff, is one of them. Alan Simpson, the quirky, conservative, longtime senator from Wyoming, is the other. The commission is supposed to be objective. But Simpson already has signaled that whatever happens, he wants to keep old people out of the process.

You remember the last time we corrected Social Security, and people calling me.  Let me tell you, everything that Bush and Clinton or Obama have suggested with regard to Social Security doesn’t affect anyone over 60, and who are the people howling and bitching the most? The people over 60.  This makes no sense.  You’ve got scrub out (of) the equation the AARP, the Committee for the Preservation of Social Security and Medicare, the Gray Panthers, the Pink Panther, the whatever.

In other words, the geezers should all shut up, since they will all be dead by the  time any entitlement reductions kick in. And what if they wanted to stick up for other old people in generations to come? Well, too bad. By the time those suckers hit retirement age, it’ll be too late to do anything. 


3 responses to “Simpson to Geezers: Bugger Off

  1. The whole point of the process is to make sure wall street gets the rest of everyone’s retirement money that they haven’t stolen yet.

    The one big chunk of American money that they haven’t gotten their hands on yet is the Soc. Security trust fund.

    You saw this with health care. The way Obama wouldn’t lead. Because he knows his base will hate where this is going, and he sure doesn’t want to be out front. So you see the same posture of getting out of the way and letting wall street get what they want. You sure as heck won’t see Obama out leading the charge to protect Americans.

    Look at who the two chairs are. You get a nasty, awful Republican who’s always wanted to ‘privatize’ social security. And the ‘Democrat’ on the panel for ‘balance’ is an investment banker.

    So, you know where this is going. And Alan Simpson just delivered the message that democracy and what the people want has no place in Obama’s process.

  2. If this was France, Alan Simpson’s next commission meeting would be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of ‘old people’.

    Gawd I wish the Americans were more like the French when it comes to activism and strikes and the like.

  3. Simpson was making the rounds of the news shows a few weeks ago, and quirky doesn’t describe what I heard. I heard the mental looseness and word salad of a man in the early stages of dementia. How ironic.

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