How to Become Your Own One-Member Death Panel


3 responses to “How to Become Your Own One-Member Death Panel

  1. THANK YOU for this. I always find your posts interesting and informative. This is a special post however. Very useful.

  2. Great post, James. Thank you for publishing all of these useful links in one location!

  3. My insurance company is raising premiums on all would don’t sign an Advance Directiv.wordpress.come. They are sending out blank forms that require only one physician to certify you are terminal or vegetative that is defined in parenthesis (unconscious). While people are free to get another better living will, many can not afford an attorney. So this minimalist Advance directive constitutes the only legal advice they get. What’s more, since this is the insurance or supplement the have through their employer or former employer(when retired) they can’t get another insurance at a decent rate. State law says no one can be forced to get a living will as a condition of obtaining insurance. However, this raising the cost of insurance, if you don’t have one, is economic coercion and serves the same function. Also the insurance company should not be involve in Advanced directives in any way, as they have a conflict of interest. This feels unconstitutional. Does not free speech include the include right not to speak and be forced to sign this form. I worked many many years for my benefits and am outraged that they are doing this, especially as the form they sent doesn’t even require a second opinion. While I support the concept of living wills for myself and those who want them, the insurance shouldn’t be tying premiums to this. Their bottom line is the bottom line.
    Tried complaining to insurance company without success. No use to go to state insurance board, as the insurance is through WV – PEIA , the Public employees Insurance Agency in state. As government employees we can’t go to federal ERISA or the federal version for health insurance monitoring for employees & retirees because it doesn’t protect state government workers. If they can raise premiums based on this issue a few dollars, they can raise premiums 1000’s or deny certain services, or eventually try to interpret the vague wording to physician’s and family the way the insurance company makes the most profit. (Note PEIA contracts with for profit insurance companies and is run by a former insurance executive).

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