The House to America: Drop Dead

It’s like we are living in a Dickensian world. The House has now passed a bill that openly taxes the poor to reward the rich.In sheer meanness it oustrips what appear in retrospect to have been modest reductions in the safety net under Reagan-Bush.

   If Obama and the Democrats accept this sort of thing, they are well on their way to losing their base, and with it, the next presidential election.

  Here is a brief analysis from the Center for Policy and Budget Priorities

 Some 157,000 at-risk children up to age 5 could lose education, health, nutrition, and other services under Head Start, while funds for Pell Grants that help students go to college would fall by nearly 25 percent, under a bill passed by the House that would cut current-year non-security discretionary funding by an average of 14.3 percent. The bill (H.R.1), which would fund the government for the rest of fiscal year 2011, now must be considered by the Senate.


Followed by this analysis:

The larger context in which the House is debating H.R. 1 is revealing as well.  This week’s debate comes just two months after December’s extension of tax cuts for high-income taxpayers that were scheduled to expire on December 31.  House Republicans now claim that the nation cannot afford to maintain the $1.1 billion in Head Start funding that could help improve lifetime opportunities for 157,000 disadvantaged children — after Republican congressional leaders insisted two months ago that we must spend scores of billions a year to provide tax cuts for the most affluent 2 percent of Americans (and threatened to end unemployment benefits for, and raise taxes on, millions of less fortunate Americans if they did not get their way).  The priorities represented by the proposed cuts in H.R. 1 and the enacted tax cuts for the wealthy are upside down.

2 responses to “The House to America: Drop Dead

  1. DownriverDem

    I feel like I am watching the twilight zone. We are living in the land of ignorant, selfish people. They have no clue and think they are voting for Guns, God and Gays while the repubs stick it to them every which way. How sick is that? For the last 30 years many voters have been brainwashed by rightie talk radio throughout the land and recently Fox Lies. The Dems lack a massive message machine. It hurts us big time. Where are the rich progressives who could put up the money to get our message out? We are talking about 24/7 rightie propaganda. My big hope is that old, angry white folks who support them are shrinking. (I am white). Our country is who you saw in Grant Park on election night. If we didn’t know it then, we sure know it now, that the battle did not end with Obama’s election. That was only the start. Let’s hope it’s not too late and folks vote in mass in 2012.

  2. I’m unhappy with the Dems and Obama for not putting up a LOUDER fight against what’s going on, but what’s my leverage? I can’t threaten to vote Republican next time — that would really be cutting my own throat!

    And, if we’re going to have a revolution, could we please start after 10am? I’m old and need my sleep.

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