Gates on Libya: Then and Now

On his trip to Russia Robert Gates said that attempting to assassinate Gaddafi would not be a good idea, claiming “I think it’s important that we operate within the mandate of the UN Security Council resolution.’’–Aljazeera

 And “I don’t think we ought do anything to encourage partition or division of these countries,” Gates said. “I think that would be a real formula for instability.” –quoted in the National Journal.

“In 1985, sounding very much like one of today’s neoconservative hawks, the then head of intelligence analysis at the CIA drafted a plan for a joint U.S.-Egyptian military operation to invade Libya, overthrow Col. Muamar Ghaddafi, and “redraw the map of North Africa.” On the basis of this idea, CIA Director Casey, sometimes said to be the man who invented Gates, ordered up a list of Libyan targets and the National Security Council developed a plan to have Egypt attack Libya with U.S. air support and seize half the country. The Joint Chiefs drew up plans for a military operation involving 90,000 troops. Alarmed, the State Department subsequently succeeded in downsizing Gates proposal to “contingency” status.’’—James Ridgeway,Mother Jones

One response to “Gates on Libya: Then and Now

  1. “Oh Ye Of Little Faith”
    (Don’t make us play Whac-A-Mole)

    Colonel Qaddafi, why would you worry?
    Don’t you believe we’re not targeting you?
    Didn’t you think we’d believe what you said
    About wanting a cease-fire despite what you’d do?

    You fully expected that we’d buy your story
    And now you’re declaring another cease-fire.
    So why are you hiding? Let us see where you are.
    How can you not trust us and think our guy’s a liar?

    Our late night comedians do miss your bluster.
    Even John Boehner needs a laugh now and then.
    So buck up. Have faith in everyone’s truthfulness.
    Put in an appearance. Just tell us first where and when,

    Bob Carlson
    On Twitter @PBoondoggles
    To ‘Pentagon: We’re not hunting Qadhafi’
    To ‘Qaddafi Arms Civilians’
    To ‘Libya’s Qaddafi’
    To ‘So-be-it John Boehner’


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