Debris from Japan May Reach US West Coast

 In case you missed it,here is another aspect of fallout from the Japanese nuclear crisis via Good Environment

Earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear power crisis in Japan have been devastating. But there is, unfortunately, yet another dimension to this multi-faceted disaster: The massive 9.0 earthquake created a bunch of debris and the ensuing wave washed a lot of it out to sea. Those bits of buildings, household things, trees, tires, and other fragments of civilization are heading out across the Pacific and will eventually hit Hawaii and the west coast.

The International Pacific Research Center has created a model of how the debris is expected to travel, to aid in tracking it and cleaning it up. The first wave of debris is predicted to hit Hawaii within a year. Then it will hit Vancouver and the rest of the west coast of North America, before heading back to Hawaii.

Is the debris tainted with radioactivity?

One response to “Debris from Japan May Reach US West Coast

  1. I am not a scientist, nuclear or otherwise, but I suspect the danger from debris would totally depend on the nature of the debris and the type of radioactive substances involved. Many radioactive substances will be “absorbed” by the ocean, but others may present a hazard. I would guess that recreational beach combing would not be advisable.

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