Some Tokyo Residents Get Serious about Evacuation

Nobody wants to think about it, but residents of Tokyo are talking about leaving the city. Dr. Michio Kaku,the outspoken CUNY nuclear scientist who opposes nuclear power,was on Amy Goodman’s  Democracy Now program when he raised the subject:
     I have relatives in Tokyo, and they’re wondering about evacuation. In fact, some of my relatives have already evacuated from Tokyo. They have little children. And radiation has already appeared in the drinking water in Tokyo. And so, people are wondering, you know, especially for young children, for pregnant women, should they leave. People are voting with their feet now. A lot of people are voluntarily evacuating from Tokyo, because they simply don’t believe the statements of the utility, which have consistently lowballed all the estimates of radiation damage.
  Kaku believes the government and company are not telling what’s really going on,that radiation levels are much higher than they let on, and that the only way to get a grip on the situation is to remove the company from operating the plant and places its management in the hands of the Japanese military.


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