Typhoon Season Could Make the Japanese Nuclear Mess Even More Complicated

 With the typhoon season close at hand,people are wondering whether the  Japanese can get it together fast enough to cover their leaking nuclear plants.They talk about entombing the whole mess, in a sarcophagus like structure which has been compared to building a pyramid. At Chernobyl, the Russians dumped concrete in 600 helicopter runs.  Numerous pilots died after doing a dump. God knows how long this will take in Japan even with assists from a big pump the US is sending.  Does this mean Japanese radiation will be spewing skyward for months or years or what? God forbid, in a typhoon?

The French, as previously noted, are sufficiently concerned to warn women and infants not to drink milk,soft cheeses,and to keep clear of tap water coming from open reservoirs.They don’t want gardeners to water leafy vegetables with rain water.

The US attitude appears to be– no problem. A little radiation isn’t going to hurt anyone.The CDC says not to worry. It’s insignificant.

How do they know how much iodine,cesium 137 or strontium 90 is in the fish caught out of the currents running north past the Fukushima plant up to the Bering Sea, and then down the coast of Alaska where much of our commercial fishing is done.

  The answer is they don’t.The FDA,charged with protecting us, isn’t even bothering to test the fish.

  As Washington’s Blog asks,is this some sort of slick way of raising the radiation standards–by looking the other way.  Or,my guess is it’s  just business as usual by the people who have not been regulating food and drugs over  the years

  Thanks to the Anchorage Daily  News we have a not so pretty picture of our  hot shit government in action. Here are a few excerpts:

DeLancey, the FDA spokeswoman, said those Japanese fishermen were disrupted by the tsunami and are no longer fishing anyway.

As for U.S. fish, she said, “We have not been doing any testing. We’ve been working with NOAA to keep an eye on U.S. waters, to see if there is any cause for alarm, and we do have the capability to begin testing if that does occur.”

Asked to explain what kind of monitoring was taking place in the ocean, DeLancey said, “You would have to talk directly to NOAA … I don’t really want to speak for another agency.”

But NOAA fisheries spokeswoman Kate Naughton declined to answer questions and referred a reporter back to DeLancey and the EPA.

DeLancey said that so far, there’s no reason for concern about Fukushima. The radioactive materials in the water near Fukushima quickly become diluted in the massive volume


2 responses to “Typhoon Season Could Make the Japanese Nuclear Mess Even More Complicated

  1. If you insist on NOT believing the government, and WANT to continue to be alarmist “chicken littles” screaming “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”, then, please, Please, PLEASE test the waters and fish yourself, and PROVE your point.

  2. Geoffrey Gangel

    It is inconceivable that within the majestic ecosystem of our oceans from which approximately 2/3 of the population of the planet rely for a large part of their diet a serious problem will fail to develop. The extent and content of the radioactive dumping into the ocean almost guarantees that there will be humans suffering. Granted the smaller part of this enormous release are particles so small they would seem inconsequential, however the nature of this ecosystem and the extent to which we harvest it surely means some of these microscopic particles whose half-lives are between 300 and 600 years will be killing people for many generations.

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