Morgan Freeman: Tea Party’s Racist Attack on Obama

Their [the Tea Party]stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term,” Freeman noted. “What underlines that? ‘Screw the country. We’re going to whatever we can to get this black man outta here.”‘ Piers Morgan


4 responses to “Morgan Freeman: Tea Party’s Racist Attack on Obama

  1. Obama is not a black man he is WHite @ 50 per cent-you and your quote speaks to your mentality of being ill informed and frankly stupid. I did not vote for Obama I do not like nor trust him nor do I like his politics and those that back him. Stop playing the tiresome black man card and understand obama and all those in office need to go no more big gov and we need an American in office-not liberal, dem or repub you are all part of the problems America has- those that speak like this.

  2. Mr.Freeman is right. Has any other president had his birthright challenged like this one? He has offered to compromise and work with these people agreeing to implement THEIR ideas and they say no. These are not the educated, reasonable Republicans of the past, but the ignorant, hateful, violent, third cousins you want to hide back home. Put them back in the closet! Will the REAL Republicans please stand up! Don’t let Pookie and them destroy your party!

  3. Mr. Freeman is dead wrong and so are you. Do not listen to the likes of Micheal Moore and all the other liberals who are like Lemmings out there. Have enough brains to seek for yuourself the character of the party who brought honesty back, the Dems and libs have been caught on film instigating trouble at tea party rallies and made sure the media was there to see and falsely report on it , thats what they do best.He is right about getting Obama out of here but mislead on the true nature of the tea party.

  4. i fail to grasp just HOW the white-ring can bring honesty to `back’
    to anything-let alone an institution that NEVER had it.
    Once you’re not so busy ginuflecting to the rediculouslly bogeous
    legacy of Ronald Reagan and looking for dirt on everyone who disagrees with you . you might take notice that since the right got control of congress
    they have shut down the government twice and thrown another one of their infamous tantrums refusing to vote.

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